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Upgrade OpenX Source 2.8 to Revive Adserver 4.0

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I tried to upgrade an OpenX Source 2.8 install to Revive Adserver 4.0 and I followed the steps here: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/

But when I run the upgrade wizard it starts a fresh install. I assume I missed something significant but have no clue what.

The images are stored in a directory outside OpenX / Revive Adserver

Any help would be appreciated.

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It probably means that you're running the upgrade on a different domain/address than the existing installation. That means it can not recognize the config file because it's trying to match that to the domain/address.

The other reason can be that the upgrade wizard (i.e. Apache) can't see the config file(s) you copied because of ownership issues.

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Thanks Erik.

Well in fact my OpenX Source install is on the subdomain openx.automotiveit.eu (which points to automotiveit.eu/openx) and the Revive Adserver is at adserver.automotive-it.eu (which points to automotiveit.eu/_adserver

How can I make the upgrade in this scenario? Hope there is a simple way. But I could also switch the Revive Adserver directory or domain if required.

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Ok I started again from scratch and now I get these error on running the upgrade wizzard:

Errors were found when detecting previous installations of Revive Adserver

MDB2 Error: not found


- Openads configuration file detected

- Could not connect to the database : d0241b49


I have double checked the DB login data in the configuration file and they are correct. I don´t understand really the other errors.

Any ideas?

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Hi Erik,

would be great because the client´s hoster deactivates PHP 5.3 on December 12th which is currently required to run OpenX Source v2.8

If you have an idea how to run OpenX Source v2.8 on a newer PHP version I´d be glad to get your advice. That would take the timing stress out of the situation.


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