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Install Instructions indicate that files that need to be chmodded will be listed, No listing.


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So I ran an install of the latest version 3.2.4 on my Debian server here and yes it is working, but I never got a list of files that need to have permissions changed.

So far all appears to be working well, but I checked all over this site and was unable to find a list of those files. I have another server running with the same Linux version but an older version of Revive and I know I had to do some chmods...

I am probably missing something quite obvious, but any help is appreciated.

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If, during the installation phase, the installer finds cases of files or folders where the permissions or ownership needs to be changed, it will inform you and enable you to try again after changing. If not, then it will just continue.

I assume that the files already had the required access privileges for the installer to proceed.

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