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  1. So as I said I do not give up easily, so I installed the Revive Software onto a VM that is identical to the one I have been running on my Tablet and also identical to what my "no problem" servers are running on a Dell PC The results were similar. After roughly 23 hrs of operation I began to see errors in the Apache log and sure enough I was eventually greeted with no banners. The ONLY difference I can see is that I setup scheduled maintenance on both the tablet and the laptop, on my Dell PC server I am simply using the default Automatic maintenance. At this point I have decided to give up for now, unless someone has a brilliant insight.
  2. That's the conclusion I have reached myself. Although I have not given up just yet.
  3. I have checked all the requirements and I don't see anything missing. In fact the Virtual Machine that this site runs on is identical to the one I run several other servers off of with an older version (3.2.2) of Revive and I have no issues with that one at all and yes I tried that older version on my site/server here and it has the same issues. I am thinking that perhaps the fact that the server is running on a tablet, yes, I said a tablet, that perhaps files are getting corrupted somehow. However the WordPress install on the web site has no issues at all. PHP is v5.6.24 MySQL is v5.5.2 System is Linux Debian 8.6 Apache is 2.2.10 I have all the required extensions per the requirements listed.
  4. I have now re-installed (twice the latest stable release and once the newest release candidate) and after several hrs of operation I am greeted with no visible banners and I am now getting these errors again using the release candidate. this is from my Apache error log.: PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/../../lib/OA/Dal/Delivery/.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/asyncspc.php on line 1981, referer: http://tablets.yourfreewordpress.com/?p=162158 PHP Stack trace:, referer: http://tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress/?p=2386 PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/asyncspc.php:0, referer: http://tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress/?p=2386 PHP 2. MAX_adSelect() /var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/asyncspc.php:4330, referer: http://tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress/?p=2386 PHP 3. _adSelectZone() /var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/asyncspc.php:3665, referer: http://tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress/?p=2386 PHP 4. MAX_cacheGetZoneInfo() /var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/asyncspc.php:3819, referer: http://tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress/?p=2386 PHP 5. MAX_Dal_Delivery_Include() /var/www/tabletserver/revive2/www/delivery/asyncspc.php:2967, referer: http://tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress/?p=2386 These are exactly the same errors I got after the first 2 installs. Once this starts it is virtually impossible to return the ad delivery to functional again. There are no apparent errors in the debug log other than some table errors during install which I presume to be because it was trying to delete tables in an empty database and lets face it, it ran flawlessly for about 8 hrs afterwards. I am clueless here, so any help is appreciated..
  5. Okay, that seems reasonable....thanks for the info. Now I just have to get my stats display to work under the default manager account. (Just the home page graphic), works fine when I switch to administrator...but that is really the same account.
  6. So I ran an install of the latest version 3.2.4 on my Debian server here and yes it is working, but I never got a list of files that need to have permissions changed. So far all appears to be working well, but I checked all over this site and was unable to find a list of those files. I have another server running with the same Linux version but an older version of Revive and I know I had to do some chmods... I am probably missing something quite obvious, but any help is appreciated.
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