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Banner Link in Generic HTML Banner doesn't render

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in documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Generic+HTML+banners

it views banner link:

Banner link

There are two Banner link fields for Generic HTML banners:

  • Destination URL: The URL that the user viewing the banner should be sent to when they click on the banner, if the banner HTML does not already contain one or more links. If the HTML banner already contains at least one link, then leave this field unchanged - otherwise, set the destination URL, and the entire HTML banner will be made clickable using this link.
  • Target: An optional HTML link target. Valid options are _blank_self_parent and _top. By default, Revive Adserver will use _blank.

but in my local ad revive server it doesn't render . . . 


and this is the screen:




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In a release of Revive Adserver after this documentation page was last edited, the Destination URL field was removed for newly created HTML banners. The reason is that it resulted in partly invalid HTML code.

You can just include the landing page URL inside the HTML code using the ordinary <a> HTML tag.

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hm, i need: <a href="{clickurl}">…, <a href="{clickurl}http://example.com"> — ugly hack, and it uncomfortably

Go lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeHtml/bannerTypeHtml.php

find  if ($row['bannerid'] && ($row['url'] || $row['target'])) {

and comment if block

        /* if ($row['bannerid'] && ($row['url'] || $row['target'])) { */
            // The "url" and "target" elements remain as part of the form definition
            // for HTML banners only for existing banners that have either
            // url or target already set.
            $form->addElement('header', 'header_b_links', $GLOBALS['strBannerLink']);
            $form->addElement('text', 'url', $GLOBALS['strURL']);
            $form->addElement('text', 'target', $GLOBALS['strTarget']);
        /* } */


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