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  1. in documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Generic+HTML+banners it views banner link: Banner link There are two Banner link fields for Generic HTML banners: Destination URL: The URL that the user viewing the banner should be sent to when they click on the banner, if the banner HTML does not already contain one or more links. If the HTML banner already contains at least one link, then leave this field unchanged - otherwise, set the destination URL, and the entire HTML banner will be made clickable using this link. Target: An optional HTML link target. Valid options are _blank, _self, _parent and _top. By default, Revive Adserver will use _blank. but in my local ad revive server it doesn't render . . . why? and this is the screen:
  2. I just added banner and destrination urls: Destination URL (incl. http://) my clients says that after moving my site to https, in yandex metrica doesn't view the referer from my site. but I don't change nothing in my ad server configurations. and my ad server also moved to https. maybe some configurations?
  3. does Revive Adserver send the referer param? on click flash/image banners? how?
  4. Erik one more question, does ad revive server send the referer param? on click flash banner?
  5. Hi, I have one question, now I have banner which converted from google swiffy, and I am add this banner as html banner. but if I add as like this, it doesn't calculate the clicks of the banner. How can I add the url for clicking of the banner? ? ?
  6. Big thanks to Erik Geurts! yes, I am developer, thank you for your advice!
  7. Hi, some days ago I have moved my site from http to https protocol. and now Revive Adserver doesn't render the html banners, does it require some configurations? or this is bug? but all other banners rendered normal, flash, images. . . but only html banners doesn't render. also I have tested manually if I ask the url: http://site_name_address/www/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=17 it always renders me the html banner because it has 30% probability. but this url with https protocol doesn't render the html banner https://site_name_address/www/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=17 pls, could you help me?
  8. Hi, I have a problem on rendering the ads look at here: https://snag.gy/fHrlb9.jpg as you can see in this image I have one banner with 37.23% probability, but it never shows on my site. Revive Adserver doesn't render this ad. What would be the solution of this problem? I have added this banner 2 days ago, and in 2 days it doesn't render.
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