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Upgrading Openx 2.4.7 to latest Revive Adserver 3.2.4


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As per title above, i've tried to upgrade with error :-


An error occurred while accessing the database

Due to a problem with the database Revive Adserver couldn't retrieve or store data. If this problem is reproducable it might be caused by a bug in Revive Adserver. Please report the following information to the creators of Revive Adserver. Also try to describe the actions that led to this error as clearly as possible.

Version:    Revive Adserver v3.2.4
PHP/DB: PHP 5.5.30 / MySQL 5.5.46-cll
Page: /www/admin/install.php
Error: Table 'adservin_revive324.ox_account_user_assoc' doesn't exist
 FROM ox_account_user_assoc 
 WHERE ( account_id = '0' )  AND (  ox_account_user_assoc.user_id = 0 ) 
    [action] => database


I have no idea why my existing DB haven't got any table called " ox_account_user_assoc ". I've double checked the table and it's definitely not exist. However, i've ran this script for many years without errors. Do you guys have any idea what is the issue here?


Many thanks for help.

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It seems there is a regresion regarding openx/phpopenads upgrades in revive-adserver-3.2.2. I have the same issue upgrading Openads-2.0.11-pr1 to revive-adserver-4.0.1 (except for the prefix of the table not found being different - phpads).

I was able to workaround the issue by upgrading to Openads-2.0.11-pr1 to revive-adserver-3.2.2 and then revive-adserver-3.2.2 to revive-adserver-4.0.1.

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