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HTML Ad Still No clicks count

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Since Google continue to change their code, click tracking on AdSense tags most likely doesn't work anymore.

Since the count of clicks on AdSense tags is their call anyway, there are plans to remove that form of third party click tracking entirely. See also: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/565

Please let us know here or on Github why it would be important for you to be able to count those clicks nevertheless.

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Thanks a lot for your quick anwser.

Actually it would be pretty handy if it would be possible to count clicks on Adsense Ads in Revive in order to have one place with all statistics. And to know if it's some ads that have a bad CTR or if it's a specific ad placement on the site would be good too.
But you are right I guess, clicks are not that important to have in Revive, there are still available in Adsense and I could create different ad placements there as well.

More important would be to have cookieless conversion tracking (post click and post view) --> Revive would have to generate an user specific view and click ID, that can be given to the parameter of a ad-picture-URL or target-URL, which can be then stored by the advertiser. A simple image link can than be given to the advertiser, the advertiser calls the link and passes back the ID, Revive can now create a conversion in its statistics. 
I think it's important to have this feature because it would allow cookieless conversion tracking!


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