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I am running an old version of this ad serving software and have been using it for years. I was very happy when I discovered that it was being kept alive.

I am playing with it after setup and discovered a missing feature that I use a lot on my site.

The feature I am referring to is the "Select the banner using the keywords entered below" in the Zone/Advanced section (see the image attached)

I use this feature to randomly show banners of the same width in a specific place.

Basically, I have say 10 zone placements down the right side of my page in a column that have different sizes like 200x200, 200x150, 200x100. Using this feature I never assign a banner specifically to the spot. Instead all banners of the width 200 are randomly called sharing equal views.

In the invocation code I chose never to have the same banner displayed on the same page at one time.

This picks through all banners of the width 200 and displays 10 of then at a time and never the same banner twice. On page reload the banners are randomized by the ad server software, again keeping all views equal.

I also use this feature to deliver specific banners randomly is a specific spot based upon keywords assigned to the banner itself.  e.g. If I have a page to do with automobiles and a client wants to advertise their mechanic shop I can have the zone display only banners that have the keyword "automotive" will be displayed in that spot but random between all banners using that have the keyword saved to the banner properties.

Can this feature be added back in? For it is the only way I use the ad server software.

I do not want to add all banners to a specific zone because of all my advertisers share equal views based upon width.

I have the same setup with 728x90 banners in which a zone will randomly show banners of that size and even though I have a couple different zones spots of that type on a page as well, the banners are never on a page more than once a load and the program ensures equal views of all banners of that size as I have priorities set to 1 for all banners.


Maybe I am missing and there is a new way this is done on the new software, but so far I cannot find it.


Thank you for any help.



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