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Create Simple Click Tracker

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this, started my own local-hosted revive adserver today for testing purposes.

In my previous company we were provided a customized openX interface.


Since mostly I need to do is click and impressions tracking I though I could set up a self hosted revive Adserver.


Now im stuck.


For external campaigns I used to create a simple click tracker.

E.g. I provided Partner A with 3 Sets, consisting of 3 images and 3 click tracker / redirect URLs.


Images were sent directly and click tracker / redirect URL was created in the adserver. (Sent as text in with the images)
Important is that they should not rotate. It was always the specific click tracker / redirect URL for the corresponding banner.


How can I create such a simple clicktracker in Revive ? (It is not a "Text Banner")

I don't use the ad type , because I simply would need the redirect/clicktracker to make the adserver count the clicks.




Additionally, how can I create multiple redirects at once ?


I used to create multiple "Banner Names" e.g.:


Banner 1
Target URL: www.destination1.com


Banner 2

Target URL: www.destination2.com


Banner 3

Target URL: www.destination3.com




And the result was


Banner 1

Redirect URL 1


Banner 2

Redirect URL 2


Banner 3

Redirect URL 3



Then I would go and use these redirect URLs to track the 3 different Sets.

I could no find a way to create these redirects /invocations codes for multiple banners at once and directly on banner level, not the zone one, no rotating desired.


Thanks a lot for your help!







Yes I found the plugins in /etc/ and they are installed.

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