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Impressions Logged, But 33% Delivery

Andrew S

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Hello Revive Friends!

I'm having a problem with campaign delivery. I'm seeing about 1/3 of the impressions being filled. Here's the problem:

1. I placed my zone invocation code on a page with ~ 1.2MM impressions per day
2. The campaign in the zone is only receiving 300k impressions. I go to the page with the invocation code, and sometimes I don't even see my banner
3. I've tried running remnant, 5 remnant campaigns, override and contract - all give me underdelivery
4. I have a clean install of Revive on a clean and fast VPS
5. A big mystery:

  1. In Campaign reports excel sheet I see: Delivered Impressions: 1,246,000 impressions 
  2. In the basic Revive statistics I see: 453,887 impressions
    (I attached screenshots)

6. For the invocation code, I'm using the iFrame tag


Any clues how I can fill all the 1.2 MM impressions? I appreciate any feedback.






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Hi Andrew,

I know you say that Revive Adserver is installed on a clean, fast VPS, but please don't underestimate how much power you really do need to do fast banner delivery. When I see you say that you've tried a remnant campaign (presumably with no limitations on delivery at all), then if you're still seeing (far) fewer banner impressions than page impressions, then really, the most likely reasons are the performance of the Revive Adserver being low, and users not waiting for the banner to load before they navigate away.

I know this is not exactly the issue you are talking about (I do plan to write a troubleshooting guide about what you're talking about at some stage), but have you see in the documentation, which is similar?


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the help. So as I see it now, I need to take into account a few things: 1) VPS power and 2) tag

Can I ask 3 follow up questions:

1) VPS Power: What are we talking here. I have 10 processors and 8GB of RAM. Is that not enough?
2) Tag Type: I am using the iFrame tag. The asynch tag is not so interesting for us. Would the standard javascript tag work better for us or iFrame?
3) Banner Location: I can call a banner from a CDN location or should I store the banner my VPS? I answer seems obvious (CDN) but perhaps sorting through the "custom html code" slows down delivery?



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Hi @Andrew S,

1. Well, disk I/O is often just as important as the number of cores and the amount of RAM. The only way to really know if you have enough is to have monitoring in place on your utilisation of CPUs & RAM, and then look at things like SWAP and disk I/O, and see if there are any bottlenecks. Are you using a PHP opcode cache?

2. No, I don't really think that there will be much difference in the required "power" between these tag types.

3. It's definitely worth using a CDN for the banner creatives, if you have access to do this. It probably won't affect the power required to deliver things, as it's not really something that takes up much "power", but it will result in better performance for the users (unless you've moved to HTTP/2....)

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