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An ad is not returned on first pageview when banner session capping is enabled

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I have this issue, that when I enable session capping for a banner (only one banner is linked to a zone), then I do not get any banners for that zone on the first request, and I do get the banner on subsequent requests.

The problem exists in SPC, iframe tag and javascript tag. In case of iframe and javascript an empty zone is returned. In case of SPC nothing is returned. On the second request everything works as expected. After an impression happens, the banner is capped as expected, and not returned on subsequent requests.

The problem is related to cookies. Did anyone stumble upon this?

My set up is Apache behind nginx, not sure if this can be related. 



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After some more investigating and digging in source code, found that to solve the issue you have to set "Show capped ads if cookies are disabled" in campaign settings to ON.

Although, this still leaves two issues:
1. If you do not actually want to show capped ads if cookies are disabled, then you will have to live with this
2. You have to remember to set this checkbox if you set any session capping (to banners or campaigns) to have the maximum possible number of ad impressions


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Hi firstimpression,

Glad that you found the option to allow the display of banners on first impression when capped. It's worth noting, though, that this is only for the very first time the user has visited a site that contains banners from your Revive Adserver installation. If they've been to your site before, and have the cookie set from Revive Adserver, then they will see capped banners for the first impression for any new campaigns.

Basically, if they are a new user as far as Revive Adserver is concerned (there's no cookie to identify the user to Revive Adserver), then it's impossible to tell if that's because they are a new user, or because they won't let Revive Adserver set cookies. So, by default, it won't serve a banner, in case this means that the capped banner gets served over and over and over again to the user, in spite of the desire to not do this.

That's why it works as it does.

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