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tool to simulate banner delivery schedule?


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Is there a utility that can simulate what banners will be delivered?  A command line utility that would hit the revive server (either directly, or through back-end) and have revive respond with the next banner selected for s particular campaign?  For example, I could run the utility 100 times and I would get back the next 100 banners which will be served up.  I am seeking this so that I can visually see the distribution of banners that will be delivered for a specific campaign.  I want to ensure that when I create a campaign it does what I think it is going to do.  Like a campaign validator.

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Hi mblack.

Unfortunately, there is not - at least, not exactly like that.

The closest thing that exists is probably when you're looking at a zone - it shows you a predicted view of the % of impressions that will be given to each linked banner.

Unfortunately, things like banner capping and delivery limitations really throw those kind of "predictions" right out, as there's no way of Revive Adserver knowing in advance how the incoming requests are going to align with the limitations...

I hope that helps!

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