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Using Single Page Call - Do I Need Different Zones For Each Of The Same Sized Ad Unit?


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Alright, I set up a single page call for our site to help solve my issue in my previous thread about responsive ads (that's not all the way set up but it's on track).


Now that I have single page call, I want to have two ad units that are the same size on a page. Do I need to create a separate zone for each one? If I want two 300x250 ads on a page, do I need two 300x250 zones set up, or can I do something like cache-busting or whatever to get the second copy of the invocation code to load a separate ad? I already have "Don't show the same ad on the page" enabled.


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Hi bryanwoj


Zone is a unique place to display ads


Yes , you need to setup two zones



I already have "Don't show the same ad on the page" enabled.


So each zone will load a  different ad

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you could also use named zones, something like:



Adding nz=1 and urlencoding the string gives:



then you can fetch and display zones by name rather than IDs

Would that be added to the single page call or to the invocation code for the ad?

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