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Custom Targeting?


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H All,


Newbie here - I'm doing an evaluation of various ad server options to help my company decided if we're going to abandon our existing home-grown solution for something more maintainable. We are a relatively small publisher, with under 100K impressions per month.


Due to the nature of our business, we are able to capture a lot of information about our registered users, and we would like to be able to custom-target ads based on this information (ie, gender, age, salary, etc). 


Are there existing products or mechanisms that make this possible, and if not, how difficult would it be to create custom code to allow Revive to do this?





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You would need to segment using cookies. You can create cookies in openx / revive and target using the source targeting but I cant remember how to generate the cookie (another post I have made earlier)


Or you can use the keyword targeting - if you dynamically insert the keyword into the ad tag, you can target this from within the ad server e.g user is logged in, you know he is male so you can insert male in the keyword section of the publisher ad tag.

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You can start by using the default Revive Adserver functionality - Banner Delivery Options (one of the tabs on the banner editing screen). There, you will be able to pick the Site - Variable option and then enter your variable name and value.


Something like this:



After that is done, you can include that variable inside the zone invocation code:

document.write("&amp;gender=<?=$yourGenderVariable; ?>");
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