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Https Connection


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HTTPS connections will be enabled & handled by your web server - please see your webserver documentation!

I also need help with this.


HTTPS works fine with banners that I own (files) but not with HTML fragments provided by third parties like zanox.com.


In a simple test page everything works fine whithout revive in the middle. But with revive in the middle it only works whithout https.


Please help!!

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Is OpenX detecting that none SSL-Tags are included within the HTML-Fragment and prohibit the delivery of the banner or is the banner delivered anyway and just the website is throwing an information that none secure elements won't be loaded?

We currently are having the same problem and our service team wants to be sure that they are able to fix the problem while getting the external agency of this client to provide us https Tags within their banners. Currently the html-Fragment is just not be delivered in any way on https-sites.

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