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Targeting Channels Or Something Else?


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I have a site that has multple topics and I need to start targeting ads to the topics. I think the targeting channels would be the way to go, but I'm a little confused on how to work with them and can't find docs or tutorials on it.


The site in question is built with ExpressionEngine, and would be based on "category".


I would rather not create a ton of Zones if I can avoid it, so any suggestions on best way to handle this would be welcome.

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Targeting channels are just a way of setting up a pre-defined set of target(s) that you can use over and over when doing delivery targeting for banners. However, it certainly sounds like this is a good idea for you - you want to set up a channel for each of the "topics" that you want to target.


However, exactly how you define a "topic" depends on how you think you can define where the content is. If each topic lives in a section of your site that is well defined by the URL, then "Site - Page URL" might be a good choice. If you can modify your site's generated content, so that you dynamically insert a variable into the page depending on what the topic is, then the "Site - Variable" option could be what you need.


Does that help?

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Yes I think that helps - is there any documentation on using site-variable somewhere? i think that would be the easiest because the url isn't always the best for instance:




would be good but, when you click on an article it directs you to 




But it uses the same news/index page, I would just need to grab the category name and make it the variable for either case and every category. (if that makes sense)

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I am testing targeting channels using the variable: banner_channel = [dynamic-category-name] and I can't seem to see any difference, the ads are still showing up everywhere.


I've gone into delivery of a few ads, and set by channel and selected the channels I want.


The iFrame code shows the &banner_channel=category-name at the end of the URL correctly.


Any ideas on making this work? Docs would be so handy right now! haha!



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