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Forcing a single campaign to always display on certain page


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Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere before:

Is there a way to force a certain page on my wordpress site to always display a certain advertiser?  I can't use Direct Selection because the page and the ad units are dynamically created, and so I don't have the ability to edit the ad calls on the page itself.

Is there any way through Revive to indicate that a certain campaign should 'Take over' a certain URL?  And it will only show that campaign?

The only way I've been able to do this so far has to do the opposite - set up a Delivery Option for EVERY SINGLE BANNER OF EVERY OTHER CAMPAIGN to not deliver on the page I'm trying to do a takeover on.  As you might guess, this is incredibly tedious when many campaigns are going at once.




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Hi Ryan,

Yes, that's definitely a tedious way of doing it!

I would do this.

1. Set the "take over" campaign to be of the "Override" campaign type (and make sure all your other "normal" campaigns are either "Contract" or "Remnant"). The Override campaign type is specifically for this purpose - to "over-ride" all other "normal" campaigns and have complete precedence in delivery.

2. Set up the banners in this campaign to have an appropriate Site - Page URL delivery limitation, so that the Override campaign only shows on the page that you want.

That should do it.

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