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Newbie Help Questions

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Hi All,


Newbie install here. I have a few questions. Bare with me if they are silly. 


1. How to change the active tab colour? In UI Settings it asks for "Color of the active tab". Does this work? If so should it be like #aa3333?


2. Is this templated? Which pages need to be edited to make it look and feel unique? We want to put a custom design on it


3. Where to rename certain menu items? And change "invocation" to "Ad Tags"?


4. Still thinking of other questions....:)



Thanks in Advance. Really cool system and great plugins available. 

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Hi @xnet12,

1. No, there's a bug that means this UI setting doesn't work. I have looked at this in the past, but to be honest, the whole UI needs rewriting.

2. Some pages are templated, others are not. And there's often more than one template system in place, so it's not easy at all. Again, really, we really need to replace the whole UI to fix things up.

3. In the language packs, if there's no option in the settings to change what you want - see the lib/max/language directory.

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