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Updates History Clean Up

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I am trying to figure out how to clean up /www/admin/updates-history.php file since it contains hundreds of lines of info with lots of "Log files: file not found" from very old versions and also lines with "cleaned by user".

There is a Delete Artifacts button available, but it isnt available for all versions and even for those that its available, it doesnt clean up the line itself.

Is there a way to clean this file up or its intended to contain all upgrades info forever?

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All the details of upgrades performed are in the upgrade_action table in the database.

I suppose it would be safe to delete the artefacts, and then delete the relevant row(s) from the DB.

I doubt there's really much need to do this, though - it's used in trying to perform rollbacks if upgrades fail, and I doubt it takes up much space?

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