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Probability Question


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We're having some issues with contract campaigns underdelivering, which seems to be a common problem.


I'm looking at the probabilities of a contract vs remnant campaign for a specific zone and I'm noticing something weird.

The remnant's banner's probability says 75% (100% of 75%).

Screenshot: scnv7I4.png


What on earth does that mean?



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It means that for 75% of requests, the delivery engine will (if you ignored all limitations) pick that banner from the remnant campaign.


It is common for contract campaigns to under-deliver when you have limitations set, because the deliver engine just says, hey, to do the impressions you want, I only need to pick the banner 25% of the time.... And it does so, but then has to discard some of those impressions when the limitations block the banner, and it has to fall back to another one.


You could try:


- Reducing the limitations used; or

- Using the deliberate over-delivery feature

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