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Overwrite/override Standard-Banner

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I've trouble overwriting Banners.

My setting: On 10 sites I have a standard banner. On 4 sites I temporarily want to overwrite them with other banners.


1. So, I tried to use the "banner conditions" to specify page-URLs, where the 4 banners should be displayed.

I used an "override campaign" and set the priority to higher than the standard banner. No effect   :(

Revive displayed the standard banner.


2. Then I tried it the other way round:

I deletet the standard banner (leaving 6 pages without any) and used

Zone settings -> Advanced -> "If theres no banner for this zone available then show Banner of the following zone"

I created a standard zone with the standard banner. No effect  :(

Revive still displayed no banner for the pages without banner.


Is there anything I misunderstood? Do you have any hints regarding this procedure?

(Please excuse eventually false terms. I use the german version of Revive)






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