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Asynchronous Tag Problem

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I've problem with Asynchronous Tag, i have setup Delivery capping per visitor and Limit campaign views and not working always display same campaing when i back to Javascript Tag work as expected.


What could be the reason not working on Asynchronous Tag.



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I create two campaigns




- Campaign A have 3 banners (whatever size)

- Campaign B have 3 banners (whatever size)

- Two zones (728x90)


Reproduce steps:




Campaign A have set Delivery capping per visitor --> Limit campaign views to: 5

Campaign B no config (default)




- Zone1 --> Advanced --> Display the selected zone instead --> Zone2

- Zone2 --> Advanced --> Stop delivery and don't show a banner


In my site i put Asynchronous Tag, when first load, load the Campaign B, then load the Campaign A and refresh more than 10 times and still show me Campaign A (where is setup to Limit campaign views to 5).


In javascript do the same thing but when is again to Campaign A load 4 times and then go to again Campaign B and then Campaign C etc...


Not ask me why the first load is Campaign B always do that even in openx strange behavior.

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This is a complex (and incompletely described, as I don't know what banner/campaign to zone links exist) scenario.


Can you please try a more simple scenario?


Campaign A - One banner; Campaign limited to 5 views.

Campaign B - One banner, no capping.

One zone. Both campaigns linked to the zone.


I've tested this with both Asynchronous and JS tags, and in both cases, I see a mix of the campaign A and campaign B banners in the zone until I've seen the campaign A banner 5 times, and then I only see the campaign B banner.


Can you get it to show the campaign A banner more than 5 times with this setup using the Asynch tag? 

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