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How To Move A Website To A Different Account?


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I would like to move one website with all the advertisers, campaigns, banners, zones and statistics under another account. How could this be done? I see that it is called affiliates and agencies under the database and I could imagine that moving one affiliate under another agency id would be enough, but in how many tables should this change be done? And what breaks if I do that on database level?

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If you would move the site to another account, you would have to move all the advertisers for which you have campaigns or banners linked to the site's zones to the other account as well. This will fail if that advertiser also runs on other sites that will not be moved. I wouldn't even consider doing this, it's a recipe for disaster.

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I find agencyid in the following tables: affiliates (websites), agency (accounts), channel (targeting channels), clients (advertisers). This means that if I change a website from one account to another, I should change agency in affiliates, clients and maybe in channels if I have any channels bound to that website. What could go wrong?


You mean that if the same advertiser is used in many websites under the old account, then there is problems to move it? But if no advertiser is used in any website that remains under the old account, there shouldn't be any problem?

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