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Possible Upgrade Issue 3.0.5 To 3.0.6


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I followed the upgrade steps, and everything went fine, at least I think it did. When logging into admin I reached the point where I put in the path to the old installation and clicked continue--it ran for a minute without any issues, then it jumped straight to the admin area. I never saw it go through all the steps, and never saw any message indicating that the upgrade was successful. 


That said, everything seems to be running fine, and it does say that I am running the correct version. Is there any easy way to make sure that it completed all the steps? Normally this process is smooth, and doesn't leave one wondering--not this time.

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Hello Erik, thanks for the reply. I did put in the path to the old version, and my plugins are there. Again, the upgrade seemed to have worked, but it did seem to jump from showing the installation steps directly to my site's admin area, which I've never seen happen before. In any case, no harm no foul... :)

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