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Upgrade Of Revive In Distributed Environment

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We have a distributed installation (replicated MySQL database, maintenance-distributed running, etc). What is the correct procedure to upgrade version of Revive on such system?


Are the upgrade scripts aware that they run on a delivery node or on master server? 

From what I understand, the moment I upgrade master node, the upgrade wizard will make changes to database that will make delivery node think that the system is already upgraded, wouldn't it?

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You will have to upgrade Revive on all of your installations. The replication will only replicate certain tables, not all of the tables will be replicated, so you will need to import the database over the existing database. This will preserve any existing data and make sure all installations are using the same database content.

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Please tell me if this is the correct thing to do:


1 Upload new files to master node, enter upgrade wizard on master node.

2 Do all the upgrade procedure. Changes that will have to be made in replicated tables will also be made on delivery node.

3 Upload new files to delivery node. Go to upgrade wizard on delivery mode.

4 The wizard will be aware that version is old on this machine. It will try to do the same changes to tables.

5 On some tables on delivery node the changes will be made again (because of replication some changes are already there). Disregarding that, I have to stop MySQL on master node, create a dump, check current binary log index, import dump to delivery node, and execute "CHANGE MASTER TO ..." with the correct index position?

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Erik, thank you for your reply. 

When you say "replicate" you mean the database? But the database is replicated automatically by MySQL replication, so, as I understand, this is not the procedure that I have to manually do. Or am I missing something?

And, how exactly the update files get to the delivery node if I do not upload them there..?


Or do you mean that after upgrading master node I just have to copy all the files to delivery node?

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