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Config File / Host Name

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I am trying to set up a multi host environment and in some cases the machine name of the host will change..

i.e. node1.server.com, node2.server.com


When I edit the config on one server, it will successfully read the config file from the $realConfig setup in

default.conf.php, which is configured to be the domain name. i.e. server.com  When it goes to store the

config data it will use the whole host name, i.e. node1.server.com.conf.php.


Looking at the code, it appears that it derives the file name from variables.php with the function OX_getHostName();

I edited that file to return a fixed string for $host, but it still ends up using the host name as the config file name..


I am probably going about this the wrong way, but now I am curious why it's not working.. I deleted my /var/cache

just in case the code was cached, still didn't work..


Can anyone shed some light on this situation ?


Thank You

John Gentilin

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