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403 Error When I Try To Start Install


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Hello, i'm trying to install adserver, i prepared database, unpacked revive-adserver.tar.gz to the adserver folder, then it came the time to view the folder through the web browser. And there starts the problem. When i enter www.domain.com/adserver/ it shows 403 error.

It's wierd because the folder with the content have 755 rights set.


Server runs on Nginx 0.7.67, with php5, mysql, i have no idea what is doing that 403 permission error here.

Please help


I also tried with on another server with apache2, i did the same, and the problem is simmiliar. When i visit the www.domain.com/adserver/ it shows the list of the content:





when i click the revive-adserver-3.0.5 folder it shows forbidden 403

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