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  1. Hello, i set CPM and impressions limit 10 for testing, and after refreshing website few times, i see that impressions are not being counted. In campaign setting it is still 10 impressions left. Also banner didn't dissapeared after 10 impressions. What is the reason of this issue? Regards
  2. Hey, thanks for reply. Groups permissions was good. I found that it was the problem with doubled revive folder (i created "revive" folder then uncompressed the package into it so it was /revive/revive-version/content).
  3. Hello, i'm trying to install adserver, i prepared database, unpacked revive-adserver.tar.gz to the adserver folder, then it came the time to view the folder through the web browser. And there starts the problem. When i enter www.domain.com/adserver/ it shows 403 error. It's wierd because the folder with the content have 755 rights set. Server runs on Nginx 0.7.67, with php5, mysql, i have no idea what is doing that 403 permission error here. Please help I also tried with on another server with apache2, i did the same, and the problem is simmiliar. When i visit the www.domain.com/adserver/ it shows the list of the content: revive-adserver-3.0.5.tar.gz revive-adserver-3.0.5/ when i click the revive-adserver-3.0.5 folder it shows forbidden 403
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