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Chrome Stops Displaying Banners After 26 Page Loads (Cookie Problem)

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We have a problem only with Chrome browsers, which is that after only 26 page loads of our site, Revive has created 42 cookies, and loses the ability to create any more, so that Banners stop displaying until the user deletes all cookies.


Has anyone else come across this problem? Is there an easy fix, or is there some simple thing we are doing wrong?



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Hi Matteo, thank you so much for your reply!


We're using the default javascript method. 


Our server is hosted @ http://ads.brasilct.com


And we're running banners on multiple sites:

- On http://www.santanderesfera.com.br (there's a box with 8 positions under the title "Ofertas do Programa SuperBônus")

- On https://esfera.brasilct.com (most of the images on that page)

- On http://vitrine.santanderesfera.com.br


Our current server is delivering about 25MM impressions/month regularly. This issue appears to be happening only with Chrome browsers, either on Windows and OS X.


If you go to any of those pages using Chrome and navigate/refresh them a few times, suddenly your Chrome won't be able to load any images (see this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j69qiipdc76f9ys/revive%20error%202.png?dl=0).


If you clean the cookies from ads.brasilct.com or start a incognito window, it'll work just fine.


One interesting thing to notice: when you try to access Revive's admin page, you get this message from Apache:


Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at ip-172-31-23-229.ec2.internal Port 80


(see this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2r96a2f50enjhn4/revive%20error%201.png?dl=0)


At first, I thought it was related to administrators and managers (or anyone who might be logging on Revive's admin), but it happens to any  Chrome user who happens to access our sites repeatedly.


Our setup and needs are very simple. I've already tweaked the server settings, disabling all advanced features that we don't use for targeting or specific delivery, but with no luck so far. 


Please let me know if you need any further information on server settings or any other thing related to our setup.


Cheers and thanks a lot in advance,


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Hi Matteo,


You're right. We used to have the default JS invocation code but something happened in one of our latest deploys that somehow switched the JS code for the rendered HTML tags. We're fixing it ASAP.


I'll have a look on the other invocation methods as well. Should it happen again I'll update this thread.


Thank you very much.  

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Now that we've implemented the single page call on our staging environment (http://homol.sphere.brasilct.com/home), we've started to notice a very strange behavior.


When we call the scpjs.php for ID #1, which corresponds to that Website on Revive, we get a HTTP 500 error:




However when we call other IDs, it works just fine:





I'm wondering if it has anything to do in relation to this issue. Anyway, I've checked the configuration of that website and it seems identical to all the others, so I don't get what might be causing that error. 

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Hi Matteo!


Thank you so much, we've finally managed to fix the issue. By using the single page implementation as recommended by the Revive Consultant web site, we've totally purged the issue. Now the number of generated cookies is way smaller than before, and we won't have any issues on Chrome.


However we didn't manage to figure out the error 500 issues so far. But other than that, everything is running really smooth. I'm really thankful for your your help, and I really think Revive should try document the Revive Consultant method as the official way to implement multiple ads on the same html page.




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I am experiencing the same issue in Chrome only, when using the iframe invocation code. Is there a fix? Currently running Revive 4.0.0.

"Revive has created 42 cookies, and loses the ability to create any more, so that Banners stop displaying until the user deletes all cookies."

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