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Changes To My Account Are Not Saved

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Since upgrading to Revive from OpenX 2.8 any changes made to "My Account" either as Administrator or Manager are ignored, even though the green box says they are made.


Nothing is reported in debug.log


The database user has all privileges.


I need to activate the statistics columns in the User Interface preferences, so as to be able to see the statistics, but I can't activate the columns because my changes to the My Account settings are ignored.


Changes made to the Configuration settings are respected, but nothing I change lets me make changes to My Account


Thanks for any insight -- I have been stuck here for two days and am at my wits' end!

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Haven't came across such problem. Double check to make sure your database has full privileges and check file/folder permissions (CHMOD). Also if you are running Mod Security on your hosting, that can trigger certain functions of scripts to be blocked. When you click save, do you get a successful messages or any errors?

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Hi, and thanks for taking an interest.


I've checked the user's privileges, and they are all Y except for grant, which is not necessary.


I've also run chown -R [user]:[group] /path/to/revive and chmod -R u+rw /path/to/revive, and have noted that the var/revive-adserver.conf.php is updated with the changes that I make to the Configuration settings.


I don't believe we run ModSecurity, there is nothing that looks like it in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled (or in mods-available).


But I am still not able to make any changes to the My Account settings.


What happens is that the green box reports that my changes have been saved, but they haven't. I have not been able to see any error messages; nothing appears in debug.log.


It's quite a mystery!

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I have learned a little more. I temporarily switched the server code back to the OpenX 2.8.9 installation we had running before, and it has the same problem.


However, the problem began when we did the upgrade, so it wouldn't be correct to think that the problem is also in the old code.


In fact it seems that the problem must not be in the code at all, which means I think we can conclude that it must be in the database.


Could something have gone wrong with an upgrade of some of the database tables, leaving them unable to store changes?


Does anyone know which tables might have been altered in the upgrade from OpenX 2.8.9 to Revive 3.0.5?


Or which tables are involved in the storage of "My Account" settings?


Thanks for any help.


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I'll quickly note the solution to the problem.


For some reason, the upgrade process created new entries in the accounts table for the Administrator and the Default Manager, but did not successfully finish updating all the relevant keys.


In fact it didn't seem to update any of them: the account_preference_assoc table in particular still referred exclusively to account_id values of 1 and 2 (the original accounts for Administrator and Default Manager). There were no preferences set up at all for the new accounts.


However, the admin_account_id value in the application_variable table was set to the value for the new entry in the accounts table.


As soon as I set this value back to 1, all the problems disappeared.


The problems we were seeing were that statistics did not show, that in My Account the language was set to Albanian, that User Interface preferences had no columns specified to show any statistics (which is why none were showing), and that no changes to any of the My Account settings took effect (even though the system reported that the changes had been saved, and no error messages appeared anywhere in the debug log).

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