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Duplicate Data Using Percona

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Hey guys, i have a problem and i wasn't able to find anything on google about this.

So i loaded revive-adserver for a customer that's migrating from a windows setup, to a centos/percona master-master 2 nodes cluster. The cluster is working just fine, and he is serving google ads from this adserver, however when using both nodes, the impressions number recorded in the db was was way large than he had it before, and also google reported about half impressions as well, so it was clearly something wrong on our end.

We removed 1 node from the load balancing, and we're sending all traffic to 1 node, and now the impressions recorded are half of what it was before, but still the impressions number is fairly larger than what google is reporting. The thing is i really want to know why we're getting inflated impressions when the traffic is the same, when using 2 servers.

Our setup is CentOS 6.5, with php-fpm and nginx. PHP5.5, Percona Cluster 5.6.

If anyone can point me to the right direction would be great, as i really don't know where to start right here.

Thanks a bunch.


Another thing that i wanted to mention. The 2 servers - i am syncing the disk data between both of them, and using 1 of them as master for local files. There's no impressions data that i might be overwriting right when i sync the data from the master to the slave right?

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I'm not sure how your load balancing is setup to be exact, but if you are load balancing between 2 nodes, you should have everything going to a single master database. The 2 slaves should just record the data and transfer it over to the master database.

Keep in mind that you may be seeing a much larger increase in impressions in your Revive Adserver than compared to Google if you do not have any protection against bots, fraudulent traffic, etc...

How much impressions do you see in Google and in Revive?

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the duplicate impressions were caused by maintenance i believe. it was enabled from the admin panel, instead of a cron job. I enabled the maintenance cronjob on 1 front end only, and i made the admin url point to one of the front ends, and that seems to have solved the issue.

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