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Dfp Small Business Vs. Revive


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I haven't used DFP Small Business yet, but someone who has could chime in and discuss how does it stacks up against Revive? It has as main advantage of being hosted, so we would significantly reduce our hosting needs and thus expenses.




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With DPF Small Business you can only server up to 90 million impressions per month, which isn't that much. When you want to serve more than 90 million impressions per month, you'll have to contact Google and upgrade to the DPF Premium, which will quickly increase your costs more than the cost of hosting your own Revive platform. Also you can't customize DPF.

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Hi!  I wanted to follow up on this topic with some questions.  We've been with Revive from the time it was pHpAds.  Our current implementation is hosted by a 3rd party.  Within our organization, there has been some discussion about switching to DFP for Small Business (which we have zero expertise in so we would have to learn it from scratch).  We are at the moment doing 60-80 million impressions a month so below the DFP SB limit of 90 Million.  I'm having trouble finding the overage cost of going over 90M but I think I saw a reference to it being $0.10 CPM.  That's one of the problems: it's hard to get anyone at DoubleClick to respond to questions, especially on a free service.


I have some questions about Revive vs. DFP SB:


- can anyone confirm the cost of DFP SB if we were to occasionally go over 90M/month (sorry, I know this is a Revive forum but was hoping someone might know this)?


- from what I found ont the web, DFP may be deficient in serving video and mobile units - is this correct?


- related to above; we don't do it now, but our hope is to run companion banners beside a video player; could this be done on DFP SB?


- in Snoork's response above he says you can't customize DFP.  I don't think we have anything particularly customized in our Revive implementation (I haven't dealt directly with the implementation in some time); can anyone provide examples of common customizations that are made?


- any other reasons for sticking with Revive over moving to DFP?


Thank you for any insight you can provide.

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