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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks, i couldn't find any resources on this subject or at least no recent information. Im experiencing lots of timeouts in the apache error.logs, even though i increased the timeout settings to a very high amount. But thats not the idea behind this post. When i came to this company, the OpenX adserver was already set up and at version 2.4 oder 2.6 ( i can't quite remember ). During the years it was my task to update and maintain the server, even though i had barely any clue about it when i started. There were no companies or consultings around here, teaching me how to do it and so i had to google every part of the configuration, when it came to reported errors. Obviously there are some of the points, where i could have made minor or even major mistakes in the configuration but we just kept moving on with the already exisiting stuff and just adding/changing configuration without being 100% sure about whats happening. So now the time comes, that i want to set up a fresh server, including new apache/nginx and php configuration. Are there are any good recommendations to look for, regarding php settings? And what about Do's and Not Do's? Or is somebody even willing to write or share his/her setup? Im guessing this is not only interesting for me, as i know from all that troubleshooting, especially before revive-adserver, that its an biiiiiiig pain in the arse, not finding good resources with good information. Sorry for spelling mistakes as English is not my first language. thanks a lot in advance & kind greetings René
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