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    maxlanders reacted to Ian vM in Buyer Beware Commercial Plugins   
    Yes I know which developer you mean. There are some legit ones out there though like https://www.adserverplugins.com/
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    maxlanders reacted to Victor in CPS conversion tracking / revenue integration   
    Hi guys/dear community,
    I'm a newbie user of Revive Adserver but I have a good experience as developer and bizdev on online advertising business. I'm evaluating to move my adserving solution to revive mostly due to customization options and possibilities, but I'm facing the following issue:
    - most of my campaigns are CPS (cost-per-sale) so, I'd like to use a tracker to track conversions. CPA campaigns are integrating revenue (rev=#conversions * CPA value) but in case of CPS aren't. Networks are using pixelback (server-2-server call) to report conversion + commission amount. I'm planning to write a plugin to read this revenue value from a specified var in tracker and calculate total revenue, am I on the right way for this ? is there any easiest way to fullfill this feature ? I've found a lack of documentation to write plugins that doesn't help me in this issue
    thank you guys for your help in advance.
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    maxlanders reacted to junierkl in Postback Url Tracking Conversion   
    Hello guys, well i saw in revive-adserver you can only track pixel image or JavaScript but many companies use post-back url to track the conversion, could you add this feature to the script please will be really nice.
    Thank you.
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    maxlanders got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Update To The List Of Operating Systems   
    Thanks for your answer, as soon as it happens again I'll post the bug.
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