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  1. Hello! A the trackers from Revive don't feature s2s postback system and before considering commercial plugins I would like to ask the community if there is a way to track variable revenue. We are serving ads with Revive to promote offers and affiliate programs can send us the revenue, the question is - how could we receive it? 🙂
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if anybody tried to use this PopUnderJS script within Revive. I've tried to make it work following the steps described in this topic (3Rd Party Popunder Code) but with no results. This script goes with a license file to register specific domains and some code to add in the <head> of the page as well. I'm hosting both Revive and the test page on a same registered domain but something else must be wrong. Any suggestion? 🙂
  3. Thanks for your answer, as soon as it happens again I'll post the bug.
  4. Hello, I'm using the last version of Revive and when I'm setting a campaign to be delivered only for Windows users, Windows in Client - Operating System Version doesn't work for Windows 10, the version of the OS I'm using in my tests. My question is - does "Windows" really includes all versions until the very last one of this OS? Thanks in advance, Max
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