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  1. Hello, well I have this small issue. I have the vast xml link from my advertisers, ybrant digital and other company i want to know how to integrate those inside revive because i want to control the traffic by countries they don't have that option, they only provide me vast tag for each country. It is possible to do this? for example: - http://ad3.liverail.com/?LR_PUBLISHER_ID=1331&LR_CAMPAIGN_ID=229&LR_SCHEMA=vast2#sthash.TLAhGEBY.dpuf - http://api.atdmt.com/adserv.api/viewad/sa=115571748;sf=VAST20_PreRoll_XML_alpha;pf=FLV;br=500;strm=0#sthash.TLAhGEBY.dpuf - http://demo.tremorvideo.com/proddev/vast/vast_inline_nonlinear.xml#sthash.TLAhGEBY.dpuf Using these 3 VAST tags inside Revive Adserver and specify the first only to US, the second to CA and the third to AU I don't even know if this is possible.
  2. Hello guys, well i saw in revive-adserver you can only track pixel image or JavaScript but many companies use post-back url to track the conversion, could you add this feature to the script please will be really nice. Thank you.
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