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  1. gentle bump, can somebody point me in the right direction?
  2. Hi, What is the timeout for a session when doing delivery capping? Is it based on a session cookie? so it is reset when browser is closed? Is it similar to session timeout in Google Analytics? 30mins? Is it based on the SessionID which is 1 year? I checked the docs but can't find a clear answer. Thank you for confirming Tim
  3. Hi, I'm interested in overal statistics by campaign type. (eg. Remnant, contract, ...) I want to see Revenue/Clicks/Impressions for all my contract campaigns without the noise of remnant campaigns. I want to see the evolution of total remnant impressions compared to all impressions. Is this possible today? Thank you. Tim My own reply: Sometimes you find the answer yourself the minute after posting the question. All my internal remnant campaigns belong to the same advertiser. As there are plenty of reports available by advertiser it is straight forward getting the info.
  4. Hi, Background: All the banners I server are either images or HTML and there is 0% chance I serve flash. While doing a performance review of my JS code I noted the standard Revive JS code (served via /asyncjs.php) contained a whole section of JS referencing ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash Checking the asyncjs.php source I see it includes a reference to a required flash config file (fl.js in the /www/delivery folder) require __DIR__.'/'.$GLOBALS['_MAX']['CONF']['file']['asyncjsjs']; require __DIR__.'/'.$GLOBALS['_MAX']['CONF']['file']['flash']; I currently commented out the inclusion of the fl.js so the JS is smaller. All seems to work fine. Results asyncjs.php goes from 3.6KB to 2.0Kb when transferring over the wire (GZIP). (not massive, but with Chrome never slow mode, you only have a certain budget of JS available. Saving 1.6Kb here can help to stay under the 500kb limit) 9883 bytes to 42993 bytes in unzipped format. (this is less JS code to parse/execute. Read The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 for more details https://medium.com/@addyosmani/the-cost-of-javascript-in-2018-7d8950fbb5d4) My 3 questions for the community are? Do you know any side effects of removing the fl.js inclusion? Are there better options than commenting it out? Are there other JS optimisations you are aware off? Thank you Tim
  5. Hi Andrew, sorry I really thought I replied. I went for the clean install approach and migrated all the key tables for inventory/advertisers. After doing that it was fine. (lessons learned for me = backing up the database and having a local copy of all the src files is not enough. eg. Config changes are not stored in the DB but in a config file. ) My endusers are not impacted, I use the REST API for a fully custom UI and reporting connects to the old instance or the new instance depending on the date of the reports. (not ideal, but good enough for me at this point) Thank you for thinking with me
  6. Hi Andrew, Yes correct there is a mismatch between data_bkt_m and the summary. Kind regards, Tim
  7. Hi, I recovered from a severe hardware failure and restored from a backup. Since then I see a gap between actual impressions and what I expect. I checked this post but I'm still stuck https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics Ad delivery working fine: YES All zones populating: YES Remnant campaigns setup: YES Seeing log beacons (lg.php): YES Seeing data as expected in table rv_data_bkt_m: YES Blocking IP/UA: NO Maintenance mode running: YES Maintenance mode updating stats: YES SQL query on rv_data_bkt_m interval_start 1 sum(count) 2018-12-18 20:00:00 2536 = current hour, increasing fast 2018-12-18 19:00:00 12685 2018-12-18 18:00:00 11392 2018-12-18 17:00:00 9866 Matching Hourly stats under "Daily statistics" for above not there yet (as expected) 1105 1046 973 So I see a factor of 10x lower in statistics; I checked certain zones/campaigns/banner types would not show up; But all seem to have the same 10x range lower than expected. Any hint pointers what this could be? (eg. timezone mismatch? PHP version, I'm now on 7.2 while before on 7.0) Thank you, Tim
  8. I have multiple contract campaigns and 2 remnant campaigns targeting a specific zone. The inventory is far from sold so I would expect all contract campaigns to reach their daily limit with easr. However when browsing the site I see a huge amount of remnant ads consuming 60% of the zone impressions while all the contract campaigns are under delivering. Even the ones set with a high priority. eg. - Contract Campaign with 1 banner: Target 3000, actual delivery 2200 - Contract Campaign with 1 banner: Target 4000, actual delivery 3000 What am I doing wrong? 34,130
  9. Please let me know if the upgrade worked. I never did a revive upgrade and knowing somebody else succeeded will give me extra confidence.
  10. Hi Tobean, I was surprised to see there is a new GDPR release giving extra control on the OAID cookie since yesterday evening https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/revive-adserver-v4-1-4-released/ Hope this helps. I'll try and to the upgrade this weekend. Kind regards, Tim
  11. Could an experienced user confirm this is not possible?
  12. Hi Tobean, Changing the config file didn't have the expected result. Digging a bit deeper I found /ras/www/delivery/lg.php (Ad log requests) sets the OAID cookie to 1 year. (not reading the permCookieSeconds´╗┐ from the config but calling a method _getTimeYearFromNow ) Many other files in /ras/www/delivery/* have a method called: _getTimeYearFromNow No clue what the consequences are when changing them ­čÖé
  13. Hi, Is there currently a way to see statistics per Delivery rule set or Site variable? The reason behind my question is to give an indication of the amount of impressions a certain channel has per day/week/month Thank you; Tim
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