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  1. Well what the want to charge is way above what the most people could pay.
  2. Hi Are there a List of good Company for Plugins? I want maybe some or I dont kow that there are some good so is there a List? Thanks
  3. Hi Sry I dont know how you put the code in and how the Click are get Tracked. You use lets say some external HTML Code the could not Track a Click.
  4. Hi I know that some Sites use I think Google to check if the Add get load properly. Its simple and easy to block the URL with my Proxy so I dont have, need an Add Blocker. 🤣 So... Now I will check if the Domain who my Squid run that mean my Forum, Site,... run on domain: 1.at, 2.at, 3.at, 4.at,... and Add Server (should) run on: adserverdomain .at. Are there any Plugin or Solution for? Thanks
  5. Hi Sure I cant do anything at the same Time... I was talked with People who are over Years in the Homepage Building area. What I looking for is a way to check if the Client (Browser, Proxy, Anti Virus),... block the Ad, Tracking,... URL. I use Joomla for the Page and PHPbb as Forum and I will maybe use an Wiki Software to. Thanks
  6. Is there a List with Plugin Develop company?
  7. This is a design Failure. I need do present the Data and need do Work Mobile.
  8. I say it before... Install it on an xampp or any Werbserver who is runing on your OS of Choise and try to enter the Server from there IP. Letts say in the Install you use your GUI where its installed and you Type in your Browser and install the Server. Everything run finde! Than you try to enter it from your other Pc over LAN and you Type the LAN IP Adress lets say the Server redirect you to ! Someone failed totally...
  9. Again there is nothing wrong with the Webserver! The Revive Server is a sshhttt! The bastard redirect me to an IP who I used Month ago.
  10. I will install an Server soon and then i will check it.
  11. i dont have access to an Server right now https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Client+Delivery+Rules#ClientDeliveryRules-Client-Useragent https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Client+Delivery+Rules#ClientDeliveryRules-Client-OperatingSystemVersion
  12. Hi In my Case the Revive have there own Domain who works as Delivery Platform for all my other Domains and Services. Lets called it "AdsDelivery.XXX" and a Main Domain is "Maindomain.XXX". So when I show an Ad from an Airline on "Maindomain.XXX" what does the Ad Delivery Company see for an URL? a) "AdsDelivery.XXX" b) "Maindomain.XXX"
  13. You can create a rule if someone show up with an Smart Phone Browser User Agent you deliver an smaller Banner.
  14. Dear Admin I wrote this again and again so its the 2, 3, 4, 5,... Time. When I install Revive Server on an Laptop, Pc, Server,... who is in my Local Network the Server make an Redirect from the Login to the localhost,, 192.168.1.XXX or what Ever IP Adress the Webserver used. The Joomla installation works fine and the Replay to the URL who I enter.
  15. The Revive Server. When I try to login into Revive now the redirect me to and so I cant login. Thats crap...
  16. the sshhtt Software redirect me still to and there is no way to Login. 🤢
  17. Hmm Can you give an Example? When the Cookie can have 5 States.
  18. hmm I ready it again and again and have no clue how it should work.
  19. Hi I try to find the Information in the Manual but I cant find it. Maybe do to my limited English skills?! I dont know... I use an dedicated Domain for me Revive Server for example: ReviveFakeDomain.at. And I have X different Domains who the same Ad should be there. Lets take for example an Airline X. So when someone click on the Banner X on Domain 123456.at what does the Ad Delivery Company see? ReviveFakeDomain.at? 123456.at? Thanks
  20. Is there an Filter Option for in the settings? I can't remember there was an Filter for an Cookie. How dies the Cookie mußt look like?
  21. Sure but Export Stats for 6month day for day to get the information at which hour someone View, Klick sucks a lot! It take hours to get the information together.
  22. Its an local xampp on my laptop! Joomla work revive not because of the redicretion to an old IP.
  23. No an Information for everyone who will use this Service in the future. The should add the information to there ADS to comply with the legal advice from the company.
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