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  1. Hi, is there a way to reset (or delete) old or past statistics from all campaigns, but only the statistics i use Revive for own campaigns ( have more than 150 campaigns) and wish to start from zero in stats....
  2. Hi, i found out no impressions are logged. in Maintenance plugin report i become following error: oxLogClick: Plugin is not yet installed oxLogClick oxLogClick: Plugin not installed oxLogConversion: Plugin is not yet installed oxLogConversion oxLogConversion: Plugin not installed oxLogImpression: Plugin is not yet installed oxLogImpression oxLogImpression: Plugin not installed oxLogRequest: Plugin is not yet installed oxLogRequest oxLogRequest: Plugin not installed how do i install this? i tryed by install new plugin but always the message "The uploaded file o
  3. Hi, to explain shortly: i have several Presentation-pages for advertising, on top of each page is a banner that stores statistics in revive adserver (impressions and clicks as usual) a click on the banner brings a visitor to the website of the client on the bottom are more information about the client, adress, tel nr, ...., and a link to the website of the client. Here the question, howto track only the number of clicks here (not impressions, otherwise i become two impressions on 1 visit) is this possible? Patrick
  4. I thinking about a fresh install, i have the statistics until 9 Juli. is there a way to made an Advertiser connect to an website - zone where i insert the statistics in on time in the database? example: advertiser 1 have 2.000 impressions and 150 clicks the website where he is connected to is website 2 and zone 3 can i insert somewhere in a table 2000 and 150? please help me with that Patrick
  5. from the previous version i guess, (sorry to ask but may i write dutch?) the point is that i notice today something was wrong, i serve at this moment arround 30 banners on my own website and today (arround 11:00 am i been gooing to each page until i see the banner and click on it) my statistics are not updated at this moment (23:00 pm) in the table RV_Data_bkt_m are at this moment 53 rows
  6. After inserting some banners i noticed the last banner do not give me statistics i guess after updating Revive, i noticed the statistics stopped after 9 juli 2015. i also have notice some tables wher not in the database: rv_data_bkt_a rv_data_bkt_a_var rv_data_bkt_c rv_data_bkt_m rv_data_bkt_r rv_data_bkt_vast_e Those tables i inserted in the database and noticed in rv_data_bkt_m some statistics then strange tables rv_z_2c0b71c7be138cd7 rv_z_5b84e47292cda283 and so on.... what is wrong
  7. In the previous version it was possible an invocation code for direct selection, i do not find this anymore do i missing something and if not what is the alternative? I´m one step further, i do not have Direct selection !
  8. Hi, is there a way to exclude my own ip adress in the statistics?
  9. i also search for a sollution to delete some statistics, is there a safe way and wich table in the database should be cleared?
  10. Hi, after making the invocation code there is always a line with code INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE Do i have to write a random number here or do i left it the way it is? what is the purpose of this? Thanks Patrick
  11. ok here my last reply about this topic, and again thanks for your help. so for the best results, when i create an advertiser account, A) i Upload a local banner to the server and for the zone i make an Invocation code with javascript tag so when a visitor have disabled Java and cookies, this wil give with this configuration the best results A visitor will see the banner, and my statistics give the most possible results, i a´m aware that without cookies a banner shall count more times with the same visitor because each time a banner is showing up, revive wil see the visitor as
  12. Hi Chinnu, Thanks for the quick response, do you mean with Rich Media Ad Serving a normal banner like .jpg, png and so? and further, is there a best way in case a visitor disabled cookies?
  13. Hi, i´m new on this forum and have maybee a silly question, I have installed Revive Open ad server and testing with it, i guess in the future i have to present about 200 banners in my own website. therefore i have two questions: 1) the open ad server is installed on the same server in another directory than my site, what is the best sollution for adding a banner, A: Upload a local banner to the server or B: Upload a local banner to the Database or C: Link an external banner (i guess this is when i place a banner in a directory on my server) 2) What is the most secure Invoc
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