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  1. Nevermind, I fixed it. I had to manually UNINSTALL every plugin, then re-install them from the plugins directory .zip files that were included. I thought they would've been upgraded automatically or something.
  2. When I run the plugin report from the maintenance/plugin config area I get this return: A detailed report has been written to var/plugins-report.log Name Version Status Errors openXBannerTypes 1.1.0 disabled Errors openXDeliveryLimitations 1.1.0 disabled Errors openX3rdPartyServers 1.1.0 disabled No Errors openXReports 1.4.1 disabled Errors openXDeliveryCacheStore 1.1.0 disabled No Errors openXMaxM
  3. Suppose I run the adserver and have 5 banners that I want to allow to 1 campaign. What can I do to individually serve each banner to a different slot? I seen the linked zones parts, but that would not work becuase the person I am serving the ads to has over 300 sites that the banners are diisplaying on. The only way I see it possible is to create a separate campaign for each banner and use the DIRECT SELECTION option. Is there any other way? In short, I want to display 5 banners to multiple websites and have it tracked under ONE (1) campaign. Can this even be done?
  4. I'm wondering how to go about completely clearing ALL or select statistics completely. Is there a plugin or easy way to do this? What would be ideal for me is a way to set a specific time frame for the logs I would like to keep, like maybe Sun-Sat for 2 weeks, or last 14 days, etc. etc. etc. I tried clearing the tables rv_data_raw_ad_request rv_data_raw_ad_impression but the stats are still showing on the server.
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