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  1. I've been using Revive (and previously OpenX) for several years now, but my situation has been quite simple. A single web site with a single zone at the top of each page, each advertiser with a single campaign, flat rate monthly pricing with all campaigns distributed equally across all page views. To enable this, all campaigns are configured as "remnant" with a weight of 1. This has worked out well. However, things are about to change. Additional web sites are being brought on board, and all web sites will change to having three zones available - one each each at the top and bottom of all content pages, and one large one on the home pages. The sites have related content, so many of the advertisers will want to advertise across them - a situation I'm guessing is common with many of you. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set this up while utilizing the same simple pricing structure I have in place. That is, for any advertiser that wishes to run ads in a specific web site zone, the cost will be a monthly flat rate per zone with views equally allotted amongst advertisers in that zone. My first thought was to create one campaign per advertiser for each zone type they want to purchase - header, footer and front page. From here, I'd simply associate the campaign with the related zone for each web site they wished to buy space on. If I do this as I am now - remnant campaign, weight of 1 - does this accomplish my weighting goals of evenly distributing advertisers per zone? The docs talk about weighting as it relates to "inventory", but that's unclear to me. Basically, I don't know if inventory refers to all ad views in a campaign, or inventory per zone - regardless of how many zones a campaign is associated with. Here's a simple example with two advertisers with one campaign each. One advertiser wishes to buy space on one web site/zone, the other on two. Advertiser 1 Campaign associated with WebSite1-Zone1 and WebSite2-Zone1 Advertiser 2 Campaign associated with WebSite1-Zone 1 If I set up all campaigns as remnant with a weight of one, will displays on WebSite1-Zone1 be evenly displayed between the two advertisers? Or, do Advertiser 1's impressions on WebSite2-Zone1 factor in to the weighting - giving Advertiser 2 more impressions on WebSite1-Zone1? Hopefully the above is clear. And, if there's a better way to accomplish my business requirements - I'm all ears.
  2. Count me in as one who would appreciate an email update for new releases. Seems like the only time I update, is when the version we are running gets exploited... I never need to login as administrator for routine ad maintenance, so I never see the update notice. And, more to the point - in the case of critical updates due to security problems, timely notification can't be counted on if going to the config pages is the only way to tell. Going over a month without visiting the config pages is normal for me. I just noticed when signing up for the forums here, that a "receive alerts/emails" option was pre-selected for me. Joining a mailing list might be preferable, but in the mean time - can't that be used to send out notices of updates?
  3. I just encountered this during an upgrade - same error, same file. No need to restore the original file. A file of the same name in the same location is all that is required to complete the upgrade. I simply re-created the directory structure containing adtech.class.php (I'd deleted it earlier along with the file), and placed an empty file named adtech.class.php there. Upgrade proceeded and completed without a hitch.
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