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  1. I've been digging in Revive forum and I found some more topics related to the problem. It seems some other users also had problems with contract campaigns after switching to Revive. Maybe something else than algorithm is causing those underdeliverances? Campaigns begun to get underdelivered after upgrading from Openx. Is there something my CTO should check? Regards, Zoria
  2. Now, more than 2 weeks have already passed since I've been posting here. But there's still no improvement. My campaigns still get underdelivered when I turn them into 'contracts'. Other campaigns which are set as 'remnants', with minimal weight, still get overdelivered. Do You have any other ideas, what may be causing those problems? It surely looks like my Revive didn't learn his lesson
  3. Another question: letting Adserver "learn" how to manage campaigns' impressions, can I set some of them as contract during this period, or do they all have to be set as remnants for Revive to learn about impressions?
  4. OK, that was my wild guess. I've just left all those campaigns as remnant now, managing them manually, so let's see what happens in a few weeks.
  5. I have a serious problem with underdeliverance of campaigns which are set as 'Contracts'. The problem is they're seriously underdelivered, e.g. they should have 10000 impressions per day and they get only 6000-7000. I thought maybe setting one of campaigns as 'Remnant' leaving the rest as 'Contract' would solve the problem, but apparently it didn't, they still get underdelivered. Remnant campaign, though, got loads of impressions during the same period. I know for sure that I have amount of impressions daily which is enough for all the campaigns to be delivered, so that'n not a pr
  6. I'm experiencing similar issue after switching to Revive (from OpenX). Reading all what've been written about this issue here or on GitHub, I'm beginning to think Revive hasn't learnt still how to manage impressions daily. My problem is undelivering impressions when campaign is set as a 'Contract'. There are enough impressions daily for all campaigns to be delivered - I've already checked it, setting campaigns as 'Remnant'. Maybe some of You know if: 1. this is a matter of time for Revive to learn how to manage impressions 2. this is some other issue If yes, please inform me, a
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