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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this... Several times when a campaign is about to expire and the banner should deliver the last impressions I notice that the whole campaign is "slowing down" and the impressions ticking sooo slow. From about 35.000 impr./day to just a few. This has happend several times and I wonder why. So thankful for some help here! Best regards Fredrika
  2. Hi! Thank you for your help. I've chosen "do not alter HTML" but the clicks doesn't show... Exactly where in the HTML code should I put the {clickurl} ? I'm sorry for "stupid" questions but I am not really good at this, yet! Thank you so much. Fredrika
  3. Hi I'm a newbie at this and I really need some help. I've been starting a campaign with HTLM-banners and the costumer is using 'ad form' to trace the click on their behalf. But when I look at the statistics in Revive, the clicks are not registred. Does anyone know why? It's very important that we can see the clicks and CTR. Is it because the customer uses another "click-tracer"? I think Revive still would be able to show the clicks.. Please help me! Thank you. Fredrika
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