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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, For the past few months, I've noticed 'ghost' impressions and clicks from previous campaigns. All past campaigns have been un-linked from the campaign and the banners, but for some reason we are receiving impressions and clicks from November 2014, October 2014, etc (you get the idea). We like to keep old campaigns/banners for records and to look back. Any chance ANYBODY knows how to stop these 'ghosts' from messing with our numbers? Thank you!!
  2. Is there anyway to limit the number of banner clicks? For example, I want a banner to expire after it's been clicked 5 times, then display another banner and so on and so on. Or would I have to create a new campaign for each banner and set the clicks limit that way? Would I then be able to have another campaign start once that one has ended (when the click limit is reached?) Thanks.
  3. Hi I'm a newbie at this and I really need some help. I've been starting a campaign with HTLM-banners and the costumer is using 'ad form' to trace the click on their behalf. But when I look at the statistics in Revive, the clicks are not registred. Does anyone know why? It's very important that we can see the clicks and CTR. Is it because the customer uses another "click-tracer"? I think Revive still would be able to show the clicks.. Please help me! Thank you. Fredrika
  4. Since yesterday evening around 9pm my adserver seems to have stopped recording clicks and I'm struggling to troubleshoot why, there have been no changes on the server that I can see. There are no errors in the debug.log or in the interface when I login as admin. I've tried having a look at the database but I don't understand the structure and where clicks would be logged. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  5. Hello I am using revive for html5 self hosted banners, and there was an issue how to track clicks when we are using iframe. I found for me some solution, which may be will help somebody also. The mine problem is: We can't use {clickurl} because the link to target website is in self hosted banner and revive can't see it by iframe. The idea: Pass {clickurl} result url from revive to self hosted banner by iframe src parameter and dynamically change banner's target link. Revive generic banner code: In self hosted banner: This is working for me and I will be happy if it can help somebody also.
  6. For whatever reason, clicks (via ck.php) don't seem to be tracking in my adserver. The zone tags all display properly, and the click passes through to the correct destination URL via the 'ck.php' delivery script. I've tried: a) enabling the global debug log --> No delivery or impression warnings/notices b ) repairing the stats via the republish & other maintenance tool scripts--no errors in the debug log c) checking `rv_data_intermediate_ad' (no clicks registered)... `rv_data_bkt_r` and `rv_data_bkt_m` (the impression tables) look fine, but `rv_data_bkt_c` is empty d) verified the existence and functionality of the GeoIP plugin (+ php C lib extension) So... not quite sure what to do next. For whatever reason the instance appears to be set up and configured properly, however the compiled click delivery script is somehow failing to log to the DB but without any INSERT errors as I would expect. Any advice? Is there some parameter perhaps that's being caught in a conditional thus causing the click to not register? For what it's worth, this is a development environment with no IP or other restrictions set.
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