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DB Update failed

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Hello forum team,

I have a problem with the update from the Revive Adserver from v5.2.0 to v5.2.1. So far everything has always worked, but now when I try to update I get the message that the version of the DB cannot be updated.

Our host 'DomainFactory' uses as the technical environment: PHP 7.4.19 with MySQL 10.4.17-MariaDB.

Do you have any idea why the update is failing?


Sorry for the double post, I can't find out how to edit my post. Therefore I am now submitting a screenshot again


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and what should that tell me now? It says that the minimum requirement of MySQL (MariaDB is something like MySQL) from version 4.1 or higher is necessary. In addition, Domainfactoy has been using MariaDB for 1.5 years and several updates from Revive ran with it without any problems. So why suddenly not anymore?


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