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Banners showing on one site, but not on another with exact same code


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I have two sites that I want to show banners from the revive install on one of them. Site A is where the ad server is installed and the site at that domain works great. Site B is at another domain name on another server. Those ad calls are not working. I know they were working in the past, so something has to have changed. I think it is an http/https issue, but I have tried changing the banner calls to https and still no luck. 

The site where things are working is http://www.propowerwash.com/board/upload/

Things are not working at https://forum.uamcc.org/index.php


Any ideas?

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It is a http/https issue and chaning the invocation calls is not enough.
Your banner images are stored as external links and they are still called by http.

At first I would recommend to store banners locally in the adserver. Then they will automatically delivered by the protocol the adserver is using.

Nevertheless you should use only https, on every site, both forums and adserver.
properwash.com has a certificate, subdomain www not. Why?

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