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Clicktracking Macro Inserted into DCM Ad Tag Causes Landing Page Block


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Starting October 8 banners trafficked using DCM tags appear to be blocked if the {clickurl} macro is inserted in order to track clicks on Revive.  

With the clicktracker macro inserted, when the banner is clicked, it blocks the request at the Google redirect page, giving a "You don't have permission" error message on Chrome and just a blank page on Safari.  Additionally the clicks are not logged by DCM.

When the {clickurl} macro is removed from the banner tag, the banner can be trafficked through the Revive adserver and clicks through correctly.

The apparent rationale for this change is that redirects are no longer allowed.

This appears to be a new Google policy to discourage use of adservers other than Google Ad Manager.

I notice that this block doesn't occur with banners served using assets and DCM click and impressions trackers and we are able to log clicks on our end.  Of course for that kind of campaign, there is no need to use a {clickurl} macro.

Does anyone know of a workaround that would allow Revive to track clicks on ads served via DCM banner tags while not causing this Google DCM block of the landing page?

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