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Not sure if upgrade worked properly


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My revive is installed on a dedicated domain at the root level. It was time to migrate to a newer server, so took the opportunity to upgrade Revive from 3.2.1 to 4.1.4. 

The upgrade completed, but with some errors, all involving plug-ins. Before I show the errors, a note about the upgrade process. Since your instructions are set up for revive being in a folder and not at the root, I just did it this way:

-- Setup new clean domain 
-- Created database and imported data
-- Did not copy all files over, just the ones I thought were unique:
--- banner images
--- config files
--- plugins folder

I didn't realize there were some plug-in files in /www/admin, so none of those got copied.

So, the install completes, but says there are errors and says it is ok to proceed. I login and everything looks OK. So, here a few of the key errors. They most involve Plugin: openXVideoAds

Plugin: openXVideoAds - Unable to locate file: 

One immediate problem is that there is NO www/admin/extensions on the old server. But, there is a www/admin/plugins folder where the respective file is located. So, even if I had copied the www/admin/plugins files to the new server, the script still would have an error, I guess?!

Anyway, there is NO showing in the admin control panel under plugins. 

Finally, it complains:

#! openXDeliveryLog(): Problems found with components in group oxDeliveryDataPrepare.  The openXDeliveryLog plugin has been disabled.  Go to the Configuration->Plugins page for details 
#! openXDeliveryLog(): Task failed _verifyDataObjects

But, when I look in the admin CP under Plugins, I see Banner Delivery Logging Plugin enabled. This is the only plugin on the new system that has the same version (1.1.2) as the old system. All other plugins have a newer version.

Bottom Line: is there a problem, or I am safe to proceed with using the new install?

Appreciate you insights!

I confirmed that all of the standard Plugins are there (the same ones as on the old server)

Also ran thru the troubleshooting at: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins+Incorrectly+Upgraded

and it all looks good. I would feel better if that plugin had a newer version number so I knew for sure.

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added Plugin version #
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Solved my own problem.

Basically it worked the first time, but it left a lot of old crap in the plugins folder.

I just started fresh and did NOT upload the old plugins folder. The install failed to install any plugins. So, I just did InstallNewPlugin-->Import Code Only

and I think we have a nice clean install with the old data/config.

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